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Land is at the basis of all societies. A good land administration system helps in industrialization and urbanization, which aids in development of nation and its economy. Hence a land information system i.e. land information management becomes particularly important for accurate utilization of land. Land information management becomes vital in post-conflict or post-disaster areas.

A Land Information System (LIS) is a Geographic Information System for cadastral and land-use mapping, typically consisting of an accurate, current and reliable land record cadastre and associated attributes. The LIS develops a relationship between measurement science and quality control in the acquisition of data land, with its many associated attributes. This system serves various benefits such as decrease of data loss, keeping mutilated records and storing old and irrelevant information, enable easy retrieval of data, receive reports and statistics, and improve long term planning.

Polosoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd offers an accurate and highly urbanized land information management developed by a team of experts. This system helps in integrating the existing land data with useful information which supports in decision making and tracking, which in turn supports greater efficiency in use of all land resources.