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Natural resources such as land, environment, water etc. have an important role in economic, social and cultural feasibility of any nation. The demands for better management of natural resources require management of spatial data and information. GIS have become increasingly important in natural resources management and for georisk assessment. Geodata stores and analyze information, which helps in effective planning and resource management.

Polosoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd offers GIS services for Natural Resource Management which aids in fast decision making by creating wide-ranging maps.

Effective environmental management is necessary for protecting and restoring the purest form of our environment. The dependency of the earth’s ecosystems and human impact demands for a great deal of information and analytical capacity to ensure environmental balance. GIS plays a significant role in environmental management and monitoring. It provides the data imitated from various distributed measures.

GIS delivers information such as the combination and analysis of multiple layers of location-based data including environmental measurements to environmental managers and public. The application areas of GIS are varied in terms of potential users, environmental spheres and the specific environmental issue being investigated.

Polosoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd’s environmental management solution assists organizations in enhanced decision making, increased productivity, better data analysis, and model dynamic environmental phenomenon which help in environmental impact studies.

Mining and Geology, one of the important features in natural resource management is characterized by complex environmental phenomena and processes which are highly variable in space and time and cover large areas. GIS proves to be a vital tool for management of these information allied mining and geology.

GIS software assists mining professionals in meeting the complex challenges of running the mining and geology operation, with tools to compile, process, display, analyze, and archive massive volumes of data. Recognizing this fact, management and mineral economists are now using GIS in their evaluation of corporate and competitor assets to make more accurate business decisions.

Polosoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd’s GIS technology helps mining organizations in their various operations such as target mineral exploration, model mine construction, display geochemical and hydrology data assess environmental impact and improve community education.

The oil and gas industry is a capital intensive business vertical; it forms a vital part of the global economy. Crude oil and gas is found at much deeper depths. Hence for accurate surveying and mapping, to ensure safe, efficient and productive operations in oil and gas firms, GIS asset management is an important requisite.

GIS for oil and gas industries deals with data on a daily basis such as data based on the geographic features of the site to data for well logging, pipeline planning, etc. required to understand the impact of the project on the environment. This geography based software helps the oil and gas industries to harness emerging technology, increase automation, and optimize processes.

Polosoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd’s GIS services in oil and gas sector enable companies in meeting business goals throughout the organization, from locating and extracting new resources to improving efficiency and the bottom line. It also provides enhanced visibility to initiate new exploration or improve the safety of existing pipeline corridors.

Evaluation of forest conditions and strategies for forest management has become more complex as there are multiple objectives to accomplish and constraint to address. Thus GIS an information technology plays important role in environmental and forest planning and decision making.

GIS is a good tool for forest management as it answers’s various forest management activities such as location, condition, trends, modeling etc. This proven technology helps to obtain information about detailed forest inventory, broad area monitoring of forest health and assessment of forest structure.

Polosoft Technologies Pvt Ltd provides GIS services for forestry which helps to understand forest science, economics, and social principles. These services provides better understanding of forest information and make decisions whenever need occurs.

The new age farming is about optimizing agricultural production, thus it is necessary to contribute right crops and equipments to the places where they can flourish. Today almost every sector of agriculture industry uses GIS to share data, predict outcomes, and improve business practices.

Combined with remote sensing technology, GIS offers an array of options for visualizing farming conditions, measuring and monitoring effects of farm management practices etc. Hence producers prefer this new age technology to create reports and maps which gives a unique perspective of their operations.

Polosoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd offers GIS services to agriculture sectors by providing analytical support for precision farming, understanding of risk factors, higher revenue generation and cost recovery and task automation. In addition to all these features, GIS also helps to access agriculture information online.