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The major IT challenge that business owners face today is the ability to share documents amongst the team and across the organization. Adding to this, other great challenge is to track changes to any given document whilst still retaining the original copy as a point of reference. There are many IT solutions, which help business owners manage documents and data effectively, one of the highly acclaimed software is the Microsoft SharePoint.

Polosoft Technologies Pvt Ltd provides excellent SharePoint development services, which enables document management, CMS management, and SharePoint customization. Microsoft SharePoint goes beyond Microsoft Office applications and shares organised documents with other teams across the globe. Additionally, Microsoft SharePoint envelopes excellent project management facilities, an intranet, calendars and a powerful search engine which is ideal when you are struggling to remember where you saved that important document.

Microsoft SharePoint is a splendid software for managing documents, projects, calendars and much more. Providing multiple levels of security which offers third party access outside the organisation. The project management and document tracking facilities alone make this a software worth a very close look because of the huge degree of security and flexibility.