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Digitization is the process by which coordinates from a map, image, or other sources of data are converted into a digital format in a GIS. GIS services demand for spatial information and a digital vector database which is accomplished by digitization process.

Digitization technique helps many industries by ensuring positional accuracy and also offers conversion of maps, schematic diagram, circuit diagrams etc. The technique is classified as off site digitization, on site digitization, manual digitizing, and automatic digitizing.

Polosoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd has a large set of GIS services which includes digitization as an important part. The company also provides various digitization services like such as

  • CAD Conversion
  • Paper to CAD Conversions
  • CAD Drafting
  • Raster to Vector Conversion

2D and 3D Digitization

Digitization process involves 2D and 3D digitization, essential for maps that are created on a computerized platform. 2D digitization services help to convert information, data and images into vector format thereby creating digital copies of data.

3D digitization is the new 3D-GIS system capable of delivering 3D data as layers which is often required in GIS to view data in 3D format. This fast growing technology allows digitizing 3D feature vertices, obtaining the heights from a surface or existing 3D features.

Polosoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd offers organizations 2D and 3D digitization useful in GIS which helps in efficient 2D or 3D modeling and analysis. The technique also enables measurement of X, Y, Z coordinates more accurately as compared to conventional measurement techniques. Our services also helps architecture industry for generation of architectural 3D models, in generating digital 3D machine drawings and environmental, mining, and GIS consultants.

Paper to CAD Conversion

In today’s fast pace world opting for conventional drawing and drafting techniques becomes a bit burdensome and time consuming for the companies. Hence organizations are now shifting focus from paper to an advanced technological and digitization option i.e. CAD.

This paper to CAD conversion converts paper documents into dimensionally accurate CAD files. The method of digitizing paper drawings has become the most effective way of documenting drawings and other related information in an organized manner. This process is suitable all types of architectural drawings, drawings of HVAC, electrical, fire fighting, plumbing etc.

Polosoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd has expertise CAD conversion services. These services benefits organizations in engineering document management and product data management employed to manage CAD drawings systematically, reduced retrieval and print time of the electronic files, improved information flow and less chance of damage or data loss.

Raster to Vector Conversion

Geographic Information System (GIS) involves spatial data that consists observations with locations. The primary data types in GIS for storing and manipulating images and graphics are vector and raster data. Most of CAD packages available are also based on one of the data type.

Raster image comes in the form of individual pixels, and each spatial location or resolution whereas vector data comes in the form of points and lines that are geometrically and mathematically associated. Raster to vector conversions is a process used to convert documents, when vector data is not readily available for setting up a GIS database.

Polosoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd offers various tools to facilitate conversion between raster and vector data types. These services aids flexible data manipulation as vector image is more flexible in resizing without losing resolution. The conversion process also supports various image formats and their conversion into editable digital format. These advantages have lead to architects, engineering firms, government agencies etc to adapt to this conversion system.