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In LiDAR Classification, the introduction of optical device scanning has triggered off a revolution in topographic terrain capturing, particularly within the generation of digital terrain models (DTM). First, a method for the standardization of laser scanner information is introduced. The (height) discrepancies between overlapping strips, as well as management points with notable co-ordinates are utilized for a synchronous adjustment and transformation of all strips into a state-wide co-ordinate system.

Consequent steps of lidar processing is that the filtering (elimination of vegetation and building points, usually off-terrain points) and also the interpolation of the (bald earth) surface.

The method, developed at the I.P.F., distinguishes itself within the integration of filtering and terrain interpolation in one method (advantage: even in steep terrain ground points are classified correctly) as well as within the application of information pyramids (advantage: even in terribly dense forest areas and on massive buildings, off-terrain points square measure eliminated). so as to get a terrain model with high geo-morphological quality, strategies are needed for etymologizing structural line data (e.g. break lines) from laser scanner information.

In other additional methodology 3D break lines are derived from the first laser scanner points. The precondition is that the bottom set up of the break line is understood roughly. The results of this step are 3D-splines that are integrated within the hybrid DTM, combining raster and vector knowledge.

In our advanced classification of LiDAR Services we include:

  • Data Calibration
  • Point Cloud Classification Such as (Multiple drive paths, Elimination of road ‘noise, Roads/Bridges, Ground, Vegetation, Primarily vehicles , Manmade and Temporary Feature etc ).