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A digital elevation model (DEM) may be a virtual illustration of topography, wherever the parcel of land is established by the three-dimensional coordinates. within the framework of distributed illustration, this paper investigates DEM generation from contours. Since contours are sometimes sparsely distributed and closely connected in area, sparse spatial regularization (SSR) is implemented on them. so as to make up for the shortage of abstraction data, another lower abstraction resolution DEM from a similar region is introduced. during thisapproach, the distributed illustration implements the spatial constraints within the contours and extracts the complementary data from the auxiliary DEM. moreover, the projected methodology integrates the advantage of the unbiased estimation of kriging. For brevity, the projected methodology is termed the kriging and sparse spatialregularization (KSSR) methodology. The performance of the projected KSSR methodology is incontestible by experiments in Shuttle radar Topography Mission (SRTM) thirty m DEM and Advanced Spaceborne thermionic emission and Reflection meter (ASTER) thirty m world digital elevation model (GDEM) generation from the corresponding contours and a ninety m DEM. The experiments ensure that the projected KSSR methodologyoutperforms the standard kriging and SSR strategies, and it will be with success used for DEM generation from contours

Our LiDAR Services include

  • DEM (Digital Elevation Model).
    DEM files contain the elevation of the terrain over a specified area, usually at a fixed grid interval over the “Bare Earth”.
  • Contour Generation.
    Contour map shows the elevation and slope of the ground surface by means of contour lines. Contour maps are the best way to visualize the slope of the terrain whether the terrain is flat or undulating. Contour map helps to finding out the depth of cutting and filling. It helps to identify the suitable site for any project