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lidar services, topographical mapping, classification services, point cloud classification, dem and contour generation,


Polosoft provides topographical mapping services.Topographic maps are elaborated, correct graphic representations of features that seem on the surface. These features include:

  • cultural: roads, buildings, railways, airports, names of places and geographic features, administrative boundaries and international borders, reserves
  • hydrography: lakes, rivers, streams, swamps, coastal flats
  • relief: mountains, valleys, contours and cliffs, depressions
  • vegetation: forested and cleared areas, vineyards and orchards.

Topographic maps sometimes show a geographic reticulated and a coordinate grid, therefore you'll find out relative and absolute positions of mapped points.

Now, drone technology makes this sort of knowledge gathering less expensive and a lot more precise. As a LiDAR-equipped drone makes precise passes over elect tract, tens or many thousands of knowledge points are gathered. On the bottom, software package filters out vegetation information to permit for  exact  tract mapping. Ultimately, spectacular 3D topographic mapping with resolutions all the way down to 1-3 inches per pixel is feasible.


Feature Collection In LiDAR Mapping Services:

  • Linear features (lane lines, edge of pavement, guardrails, etc )
  • Point features (signage, poles, manholes, etc)