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Many companies today are looking up to the IT industry to help them in maintaining their business solutions. In order to ensure commercial grade in the Web and Software products, companies now have an in-house dedicated product maintenance and support teams that can quickly respond to a customer's queries and deliver comprehensive product support solutions.

Polosoft Technologies Pvt Ltd leads in providing Product maintenance support services. We at Polosoft believe that with every product release there is a start of a long maintenance and upgrade cycle. Our software product maintenance services are classified into:

• Corrective maintenance- reactive modification to correct discovered problems
• Adaptive maintenance- modification to keep it usable in a changed or changing environment
• Perfective maintenance- improves performance or maintainability
• Preventive maintenance- modification to detect and correct latent faults

Software products require ongoing maintenance and support to effectively handle evolving and growing needs. Maintenance services may include major and/or minor variations and enhancements. We provide top-notch software maintenance and support services to our clients helping them manage their product through its life cycle.