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LAMP (PHP & MySQL) is a managed IT solution, which proves to be a promising implementation for client as well as the service provider. It is an extensive and flexible web development platform, which is a combination of Linux- operating system, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL (database software) and Perl/PHP/Python- programming languages. The LAMP developers at Polosoft Technologies Pvt Ltd have expertise in various programming languages and operating systems likePHP based application, MYSQL based application, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Solaris or Open BSD, to serve our client's requirement. We are an professional and yet affordable PHP agency in USA and India

The software(s) bundled in LAMP solutions constantly gets upgraded, owing to its virtue of being open source. Thus, making LAMP solution an ideal and affordable web development tool. With LAMP, web developers can focus on creative measures to design and produce great solutions.

You can hire from us on dedicated T & M model on monthly retainer fees or can hire our team on fixed project basis. All team can be monitored by Project Management tool which is free. Each development will have 3 months free maintenance with no obligation.