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Developers are apprehensive towards quality control and this is the reason that there is a branch of software testing called web application testing. Here, the QA service provider aims to identify and fix the bugs before the program is released to the general public. In this type of testing the company will upload the application online and make it accessible only to the individuals who are steering the web application testing. These testers then use the application to uncover: security vulnerabilities, load errors, general content quality issues, and accessibility options.

Polosoft Technologies Pvt Ltd, offers Web Application testing services that include custom-programmed Web Applications and open source customized Web Applications testing. Our Web application testing service collects each and every requirement that is important to test a web application, find and fix errors, and improve its performance.

We at Polosoft Technologies Pvt Ltd have trained engineers specializing in latest web applications testing technologies and tools. The QA and testing process involves development of a formal test cases and documenting each test scenario, execution of the test scenarios, documentation of any failures, and regression testing as required.