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Website Testing proves to be very critical part of the business today as more and more people are getting connected through websites. When it comes to web testing, web page or a website application, there are some general areas that website testing should focus on to ensure everything behaves as expected.

Polosoft Technologies Pvt Ltd with in-house QA testers and engineers offer end-to-end quality assurance (QA) website testing services to deliver the utmost quality control over your project. Some of the key factors that we focus on are the basic functionalities like links, forms, applications etc. We also thoroughly check and verify the Payments/E-commerce shopping carts that are implemented.

Next area that we focus on is the contact/support information section, before making it online we test the chat programs that provide real-time communication between the owners and end-users. Another important factor to test is the browser compatibility, websites are thoroughly tested on various available browsers. To ensures a complete quality website, we also work on factors such as Localization, Security, Usability, Stress/Load, Search Engine Optimization and finally Appearance.