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Today the influence of internet has been boosted across the various verticals of the industry. In this smart era, it has become very crucial for the businesses to opt for cost-effective and optimum solution for their infrastructure needs. The “SaaS or Software as a Service” and “Cloud Computing” are the answer to your infrastructural needs.

SaaS is a way to deliver the applications over the Internet as a service. Instead of installing and maintaining software, you can access it through internet. Today, SaaS is covering all the extents of the IT world with its cutting-edge emerging trends. SaaS is a software licensed on a subscription basis which is hosted centrally on the cloud network. The subscription-based licensing model of SaaS is perceived by analysts, as a rewarding and cost-efficient alternative.

When talking of “Cloud Computing”, it provides computing resources that are not knotted to any particular location. It consists of Virtual computers/servers, Data storage capacity, Communications and messaging capacity, Network capacity, Development environments, etc. Having Cloud Computing in place, the companies do not have to spend heavy on setting the IT infrastructure at their business premises.

PoloSoft Technologies Pvt Ltd, brings you the best of both worlds SaaS applications and Cloud Computing infrastructure. The “Cloud Computing” service provides access to an environment that you can customize or build out to suit your needs. The SaaS platform, is easy and provides an intelligent delivery solution that can look across the entire supply chain. In addition, it ensures that your data is backed up automatically, which ensures no data loss.