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Developing business and technology has made ERP a must for businesses varied verticals and sizes. Today, one of the biggest ERP solution is the NetSuite ERP provider in software as a service model. The rich functions of NetSuite ERP solution provides financial management, ERP, CRM, order management, inventory/shipping/fulfillment, material requirement planning and E-commerce features.

Being a web based solution it largely saves on investments made on premises IT infrastructure. This web based solution works impeccably to handle multiple business units from one single NetSuite account with different sets of taxation rules, languages and currencies as it saves data in one single repository. The CRM solution has all the features to cover customer relationship activities, sales force automation and role based dashboards to executives and management.

Polosoft Technologies Pvt Ltd with its highly experienced and learned developers can customize and implement a NetSuite ERP solution for your business. We can assist in implementing Netsuite on-demand ERP functions such as advanced billing, budgeting, revenue recognition, allocation, inventory re-ordering, lot tracking and advanced inventory commitment, which aids in better analysis and decision making.