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The rapid technology growth has left many organizations exasperated with incompatible systems that do not share data or provide visibility across functional areas. To put an end to this organizational frustration, PoloSoft Technologies Pvt Ltd provides NetSuite ecommerce services that unites e-commerce software with core operational business systems.

With internal expertise resources we at PoloSoft Technologies Pvt Ltd can provide NetSuite ecommerce solutions that meet mounting customer expectations. Also, with global connectivity the need for multi-lingual websites is also escalating, the NetSuite OneWorld is a kind of business solution that avails you with multi-language, multi-currency, multi-country and multi-product web store flexibility.

For additional business flexibility, NetSuite Ecommerce and B2B functionalities are integrated in a single management platform thus providing greater control over accounting, inventory and sales. To complete your ecommerce web store we can help you with combined financial and business performance using the NetSuite E-commerce Analytics and Reporting functions. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tracking of NetSuite Ecommerce can help you keep a watch on the web store visits compared to purchases, online marketing and advertising leads and conversions. Customizable responses and cross-sell recommendations across web stores enhance customer experience, retention and loyalty.