About Polosoft Technologies

Who We Are?

Polosoft is the next-generation technology-based company which helps enterprises transform businesses globally.We offer the best solutions to our clients by helping them achieve their goals.

Polosoft is an accountable organization of 150+ team members partnering with companies to transform and manage projects by boosting the power of technology.

What We Believe?

We have grown our full-service business across Maryland, San Francisco, the United States, and Bhubaneswar, India. We put ample effort which drives customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and actionable insights more responsibly. We are pursuing our vision with passion and purposefulness to achieve great things, regardless of size, industry, or history. Along with our solutions, we help companies to save valuable time and money through improved transparency, efficiency, and actionable intelligence.

How do we work with clients?

As per growing customer expectations, we are following market-shaping AI and self-optimizing systems.

Transformation Journey of Polosoft Success

  1. 2016


  2. 2017

    GIS, LiDAR

  3. 2018

    Mobile Application Development

  4. 2019

    Digital Commerce and Web Development

  5. 2020

    Big Data, Analytics, and Offshore Outsourcing

  6. 2021

    AI, ML, BI, and Data Science

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