AI & Machine Learning

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AI & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that performs the intelligence and behaviors of humans.

Machine Learning (ML)

Machine learning is an application of AI which allows machines to learn from data and improvised analytical quality.

Today Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning help many businesses by increasing efficiency, revenue, reducing operational costs, and improving customer experience. From Chatbots, AI-driven automation, Artificial neural network (ANN) has driven a machine learning framework that automates the sale processes. AI and ML have a significant impact on many industries.

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning Services

We provide customized services that run your in-house AI system efficiently. Our technical services include

Natural Language Processing

This technology translates and understands unstructured data to aid computers to understand the human’s natural language. Powerful text analytics with the natural language process solves the patterns and trends to comprehend human languages in valuable manners.

Conversational User Experience

Automating conversational interfaces such as chatbots and virtual assistants helps increase customer experience.

Image And Video Analytics

Surf image and video content in a similar way to your search text reports. Our image and video analytics services provide you accurate and reliable services in getting Video Summarization, Emotion Detection, Video content Moderation, Face Detection, etc.

Real-time Stream Analytics

Get real-time analytics on collected information from large-scale sources. Our analytics services help streaming data ingestion, processing, and analyzing the data effortlessly and efficiently for your customers.

Technology Audit

We help determine and eradicate time-suck and less performing systems by checking enterprise readiness for AI.

Robotic Process Automation

Get robotic predictable, recurrent, and transferable assignments with well-organized algorithms, reformulate processes, and automotive solutions to moderate human endeavor and enhance to produce quality services.

AI/ML Consultancy & Implementation

We customize our consultation to fulfill all your requirements: AI strategy, use cases, implementation roadmap, etc.

Roadmap for AI/ ML-based solutions

We help you support AI implementation by assessing existing processes and create a roadmap for developing and executing the right AI solutions.

Deep Learning

It is a subset of machine learning that emulates exact human functions or activities to analyze data and improve outcomes. We implement deep learning for developing automation solutions, chatbots, and process automation.

Chatbot Development

Empowered with AI and machine technologies, our developer team creates chatbots that you can easily interact with your customers. We provide customized chatbot development services for various platforms.

Tensorflow Development

TensorFlow makes the difficult operation easy to visualize and optimize numerical analysis. TensorFlow Development deploys complex ML applications more quickly and easily.

Chatbot Development

Empowered with AI and machine technologies, our developer team creates chatbots that you can easily interact with your customers. We provide customized chatbot development services for various platforms.

Business Automation

Business process automation automates a routine business process, and its standalone strategy makes your organization more efficient. BPA can combine with overarching business process management initiatives.

Maintenance and Support

Polosoft maintenance and support services offer AI platforms that cluster machine learning and deep knowledge of an organization to bring automation and innovation together. We help our clients modernize their system prospects and achieve IT goals that can easily associate with business needs.

Polosoft AI and Machine Learning Solutions

At Polosoft, we use advanced AI and ML solutions and services to enable your business to gain a competitive edge in your respective industry. We deliver top-notch performance to increase business productivity by providing result-based AI/ML services. Our team of skilled algorithm experts helps you provide AI-infused apps that react to your customer requests. We provide customized AI solutions to resolve each complex task by intertwining artificial intelligence.

Our AI & ML Development Process

  • Business Analytics

    We determine your predictive model to cluster both quantitative and qualitative data for developing AI and ML systems.

  • Statistics formulation

    Supply the right information to formulate machine learning algorithms.

  • Data Testing

    We do data testing through various testing modules to perform the right machine learning algorithms.

  • Forecasting

    Finally, using the models, we estimate the given data to determine performances.

  • Maintenance and supports

    We also manage and support machine learning models to enhance the entire data performance.

AI & ML Frameworks Which Satisfy Your Needs

Select Our AI and ML Development Services As Per Your Need

First-time AI Adopting

We evaluate your technological progression and go through all the stages of adopting AI by analyzing your use case to develop AI-driven software in your business operation. After being prepared for AI-driven automation, we ensure its positive user buy-in.

AI Audit & Reengineering

When your AI systems do not meet stakeholder expectations, we review its algorithms, usability, and security, then upgrade and redesign the software for further AI augmentation.

AI Expansion

We help you proceed with your earliest stage proof and upgrade your AI transformation company for comprehensive and more profitable consequences. Our AI experts will work on your AI strategy to create a sustainable, cohesive AI-driven ecosystem for your business.

Hire AI and ML Developers

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Why choose our AI and ML services?

We help you provide AI and ML services with a competitive edge that every company aims for. Our developers integrate artificially and machine learning systems that enable cutting down operational costs, saving time, automating tasks, and improving workflow.

Pioneer data scientists

Real-time analysis

Customized solution

Complete transparency

On-Time Delivery

Support and Maintenance

We offer AI and Machine Learning development services to the following industries

  • Fashion
  • Retail
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Banking
  • Travel
AI and Machine Learning development services
  • e-Commerce
  • Health-care
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Construction
  • Gaming
  • Food & Restaurant
  • Fitness

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